1st Fintech Open Networking Day Scheduled for January 26Jan 15, 2024

The Financial Services Commission announced that the first Fintech Open Networking Day is scheduled to be held for fintech businesses, financial companies and investors on January 26.


This event will provide a venue for networking among fintech businesses, financial companies and investment companies to promote closer cooperation and collaboration in digital finance and provide more funding opportunities.


From now on, the Fintech Open Networking Day will be held on a biannual basis. Unlike the previous fintech demo day or IR (investor relations) events where fintech companies pitched their ideas and business models to financial companies and investors, in the Fintech Open Networking Day, financial companies and investors will present potential areas of collaboration and investment strategies to fintech startups.


There will be seven financial companies attending the first Fintech Open Networking Day in January. They will share their annual plans for operating fintech labs and the areas of potential fintech collaboration in their drive to digital transformation. In addition, there will be four fintech investment fund management companies joining the event to present their investment aims and fund management strategies.


Each financial company or fund manager will operate an on-site consultation booth to provide follow-up consultation to fintech businesses. Industrial Bank of Korea and Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, with plans to provide fintech-specific policy finance products in 2024, will also join on-site booths to make available relevant information.


Moreover, a mentoring program with fintech leaders will be available for sharing their experience and know-how of handling challenges with early-stage fintech startups.


Application to join the Fintech Open Networking Day can be found on the official website of Fintech Center Korea (https://www.fintech.or.kr/).


* Please refer to the attached PDF for details.